About Us

MC Fashion is a family run business actively operating throughout the
the family environment on a day to day basis.  It was first established over 9
years ago when redundancy left a gaping hole in our lives.  Going from a
steel fabricator to buying & selling was a whole new experience and
gave us the opportunity to build what we have today; learning all the
basics and growing in confidence which had been lost due to the

When we began trading, it was stepping into the unknown.   After
purchasing a small number of garments & accessories, I approached
some local Markets and took up a stall.  After 12 months of moving from
one market to another, realised that we had a flair for what ‘was in’ and
what was not!.  I began to buy with a complete passion ensuring all the
products purchased were of the highest quality and could be appreciated
by the customer but without the ‘high street’ prices.  The sourcing for
quality was done personally.

Today, we run a very successful business that has grown in strength
over the years.  We no longer trade on local markets but have a hidden
diversity throughout the summer and winter months.

From May to September, we attend all the quality Music Festivals not
only in the UK but also in Europe; adapting our products to each venue we
attend.  Some of the festivals we have attended are V-Fest,
Boardmasters, Creamfields, NASS, and many more.   At the end of the
Festival season, we begin sourcing the best winter garments around.
We have traded with Birmingham City Council at their German Market
Craft as well as with Solihull Council, Harrogate & Chatsworth.

Our Sales Philosophy is to ensure customer satisfaction, friendly
approach and aim to give the best service around.